Experience Happinezz in Karimunajawa!

Congratulations you chosen a beautiful island to explore for your holiday!

The Happinezz Group is an official registered hotel and tour & travel agency in Karimunjawa. We can accommodate you in our own hotel The Happinezz Hills, organize your boat ticket to and from Karimunjawa, transportation in Java and complete packages for your holiday without any worries in Karimunjawa. Below you will find more information about our services and websites.


Hotel The Happinezz Hills is situated on a hill and is surrounded by beautiful untouched nature. The hotel offers 15 themed rooms and a swimming pool with a bar in the pool. The swimming pool and the rooms are overlooking the beautiful islands of Karimunjawa from where you can enjoy vibrant sunsets and serene ocean views.

Karimunjawa Boat Ticket

Would you like to visit Karimunjawa, but are you struggling to find out how to get there? We can buy your tickets for the fast boat from Jepara to Karimunjawa or from Karimunjawa to Jepara in advance. Avoid disappointment on the day of departure to Karimunjawa by booking your ticket in advance. This guarantees you to have a seat on the boat.

Karimunjawa Paket

We have also made complete packages for travelers who don’t like to struggle to find out all the information by themselves. Accommodation, tours, scooter rental, food, boat tickets, transportation. Everything is included! From basic options to more luxury options. You can make your package actually what fits with your wishes and budget.

Contact us:
info@thehappinezzhills.com | +62 877 3779 3332

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