Transport – How to travel to Karimunjawa?


Sharing minibus from Yogyakarta to Jepara
If you are traveling to Karimunjawa from Yogyakarta we can book a seat for you in a sharing minibus to Jepara. If your hotel is located in the centre of Yogyakarta, the bus will pick you up from there between 23.00 and 00.00. If it is not possible to pick you up in your hostel we will let you know where we will meet you instead. You will arrive in the harbour of Jepara around 05.00 – 06.00 in the morning. The price is IDR 150.000 per person and we need to receive the payment in advance to guarantee your seat. For the payment you can transfer the money by using the services of website See for the instructions.

Sharing minibus from Semarang to Jepara
We can’t offer a sharing minibus in case you are traveling to Karimunjawa from Semarang. For this service of transport from Semarang to Jepara you can contact the transport company Day Trans.

Sharing minibus back from Jepara to Semarang, Yogyakarta or Surabaya
We can offer a minibus service for the way back from Jepara to the Semarang busstation (IDR 100.000 per person), Semarang trainstation (IDR 120.000 per person) or Semarang Airport (IDR 120.000 per person). In Yogyakarta we can bring you directly to your hostel (if this is located in the centre of the city) for IDR 150.000 per person. The bus departs from the harbour in Jepara as soon as the boat has arrived. You can book the transport from Jepara back to Semarang or Yogyakarta directly in our hostel until the night before your travel. Payment needs to be done in cash.

Transport by private car
Please let us know in case you prefer a private car from your destination to the harbour of Jepara or for the the back back. We can arrange this for you. A private car from or to Semarang costs IDR 500.000 (max. 4 people) or from or to Yogyakarta IDR 900.000 (max. 4 people). To guarantee your seat we need to receive the payment in advance. For this you can transfer the money by using the services of website See for the instructions.

From Jepara you can travel to Karimunjawa by slow boat (5 hours) or fast boat (2 hours). Sometimes there is a boat directly from Semarang or Kendal as well, but many times this boat is cancelled due to a lack of passengers! We are sorry but we can’t help to book boat tickets for the boats from Semarang or Kendal. We strongly advice you to take the boat from Jepara. Below you can find the current schedules of the slow boat and fast boat.

Buy tickets for the slowboat from Jepara
You can buy your tickets for the slow boat from Jepara directly from the ticket office in the harbour on the day of your trip to the island. You can’t buy these boat tickets in advance. You need to be present in the harbour at least 1,5 hours before departure time to purchase your tickets.

Buy tickets for the fast boat from Jepara in advance
For the fast boat from Jepara we advise you to buy the tickets in advance, because often the boat is fully booked. You can book your tickets on to make sure you get a seat. The price for a ticket in advance for the fast boat is IDR 200.000 (one- way) or IDR 400.000 (return). Depending on the weather (especially during rainy season from December until March), there could be a change in the boat schedule or less boats will depart. Please contact us in case you need information about the current schedule.

Airplanes from and to Karimunjawa
On Monday and Wednesday there is a flight from Karimunjawa to Surabaya and on Tuesday and Thursday there is a flight from Surabaya to Karimunjawa. We can’t help to book the flight tickets for you, but you can contact Airfast directly to organise this.

The Happinezz - Transport to Karimunjawa - Harbour
The Happinezz - Transport to Karimunjawa

Fast boat Jepara – Karimunjawa
Monday 9.00
Tuesday 9.00
Friday 9.00
Saturday 10.00

Fast boat Karimunjawa – Jepara
Monday 12.00
Wednesday 11.00
Saturday 07.00
Sunday 11.00

Slow boat Jepara – Karimunjawa
Monday 7.00
Wednesday 7.00
Friday 6.30
Saturday 7.00

Slow boat Karimunjawa – Jepara
Tuesday 7.00
Thursday 7.00
Friday 13.00
Sunday 7.00