Rental & Services

Below you will find all our rental options, our services and the corresponding prices. We are happy to help you to make your holiday as easy as possible so you can enjoy your time in Karimunjawa as much as you can! Do you have any questions? Please don’t hestitate to contact us! We will answer your questions within 24 hours!

Private car to Jepara
IDR 500.000 from Semarang
IDR 900.000 from Yogyakarta
IDR 1.250.000 from Dieng Plateau
IDR 1.500.000 from Surabaya
IDR 1.900.000 from Malang
IDR 1.900.000 from Bromo
IDR 1.900.000 from Probolinggo
IDR 2.000.000 from Batu Karas
IDR 2.500.000 from Jakarta
IDR 2.600.000 from Bandung

Shared minibus to Jepara
IDR 150.000 from Yogyakarta centre

Shared minibus from Jepara
(Departs after the boat arrives to the harbour)
IDR 90.000 to Semarang bus station
IDR 100.000 to Semarang train station
IDR 120.000 to Semarang airport
IDR 150.000 to Yogyakarta centre
IDR 200.000 to Surabaya bus station

Scooter with driver in Karimunjawa
IDR 125.000 to the airport (one-way)
IDR 125.000 to Sunset Beach (return)
IDR 250.000 to all the highlights (full day)

Private car with driver in Karimunjawa
IDR 50.000 to the harbour (one-way)
IDR 300.000 to Sunset Beach (return)
IDR 350.000 to the airport (one-way)
IDR 600.000 to all the highlights (full day)

IDR 25.000 half day
IDR 35.000 full day

IDR 50.000 half day
IDR 75.000 full day


IDR 100.000 Kayaking
IDR 190.000 National park trekking (starting price)
IDR 200.000 Snorkeling & Island-hopping tour
IDR 75.000 Camping (starting price)
IDR 900.000 Diving 2 dives (starting price)

IDR 150.000 per 60 minutes

Laundry service
IDR 15.000 per kilo

Rental (per day) 
IDR 20.000 Fins
IDR 25.000 Normal mask and snorkel
IDR 40.000 Set normal mask, snorkel and fins

IDR 25.000 Hammock
IDR 25.000 Dry bag (10L)
IDR 150.000 Camping tent
IDR 150.000 GoPro

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