Boat Tickets

From Jepara you can travel to Karimunjawa by slow boat (5 hours) or fast boat (2 hours). Below you can find the current schedules of the slow boat and fast boat. Sometimes there is a boat directly from Semarang or Kendal as well, but many times this boat is cancelled due to a lack of passengers! We strongly advice you to take the boat from Jepara. For the fastboat we can buy tickets in advance. For the slowboat it is not possible to buy boat tickets in advance. At the morning of departure you can buy these tickets directly in the harbour. We advice you to be early in the harbour because some days all the tickets for the slowboat can be sold out.

Fastboat to Karimunjawa
Monday 09.00
Tuesday 09.00
Friday 09.00
Saturday 10.00

Fastboat to Jepara
Monday 12.00
Wednesday 11.00
Saturday 07.00
Sunday 11.00

Slowboat to Karimunjawa
Monday 7.00
Wednesday 7.00
Friday 6.30
Saturday 7.00

Slowboat to Jepara
Tuesday 7.00
Thursday 7.00
Friday 13.00
Sunday 7.00